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Supporting and promotion of small- and medium-scale enterpreneur for the realisation of their targets

Peter Wyss & Partner, Zug, was founded in 1985 and we focus on company coaching, accounting and financing.

We offer an individual consulting and supporting by our motivated team. Reliability, flexibility, and above all, on scheduled completion of the tasks are in the foreground. The cooperation in partnership is essential for successful results.

Our high quality is achieved by a well-founded education and advanced training, a long lasting experience as well as an interdisciplinary network to which we can revert.

Peter Wyss



  • 20 years international business management
  • KMU HSG (1990)
  • 8 years company coaching (KTI)
  • 18 years management of a venture capital company for small- and medium-scale enterprises
  • Advisory Board in several companies

Ueli Marty

Computer scientist with main focus on data security

Herbert Röösli

Product management, single and team coaching, optimization of projects


Christian Wittenhorst

Ing. HTL

Speciality: int. Networks


Flavia Christen

Professional for accounting and finance


Cornelia Frei

Professional for accounting and finance


Herbert Käppeli

Professional for accounting and finance

Felix Lechner

Insurance broker

Speciality: Business insurance custom-made

Adrian H. Teuscher

USA Florida Eastcoast

Life Sciences Experte

Founder of Guest Elchrom Scientific, Cham (CH)

Speciality: Supporting of SME for the market entry in the USA.


We advise you with pleasure on your strategic decisions. For that purpose, we offer the following services:

  • Business management for CEO and board members
  • Strategy and target coaching
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a company
  • Planning and development of the finance transparency
  • Business plans: We develop in collaboration with you the business plan for a successful company.
  • Download Sample of a Business Plan (PDF in German)

Foundation of new companies

Whether a stock corporation, a one-man business or a limited liability company: We advise you on the choice of the optimal legal form of the company and process the foundation for you.

Download Information about the possible types (stock corporation, Ltd., one man business) of a company (PDF in German)

Knowledge Transfer

We connect knowledge and technologies between the advanced technical Colleges/Universities and the economy. Thereby we can benefit from the connection to both sides.

Organisation of conferences and events

If you require some help for the organisation of conferences or events? No problem: We will handle it for you with pleasure.


A correct bookkeeping is essential for each successful enterprise. We fulfil this function with pleasure for you.

Our services are:

  • Financial and internal cost accounting with cash flow statement
  • Personnel accounting
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Preparing of the value added tax accounting

Tax computation

  • Preparing of tax computations for all Swiss cantons and international
  • For natural persons and legal entities
  • Consulting for tax optimisation

Budgets, financial and liquidity plans

We offer a supporting and consulting for the design of a budget as well as the financial and liquidity plans of your enterprise.

Domicile enterprises and holding companies

We take care of the support and administration of the domicile of your company.

The location Zug is an economic friendly, international and stable area which offers good conditions for emerging and growing enterprises. If you are interested in this place, we can send you more information about the economic situation in Zug.

Telephone and office service

We handle your telephone and office service.

Evaluation of the company

According to the industrial sector, the enterprise and the life cycle stage, we apply the suitable evaluation method.

  • Substance Value Method
  • Capitalised Earnings Method
  • Mean Value Method
  • Discounted Cashflow Method
  • Economic Value Added

Support for capital searching

We offer help and support in capital searching. As a member of SECA (Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association) we can revert to a broad network.

Patent evaluation

What does your innovation exchange? We advise and check up your patents on competitive advantage and sustainability.

Financing Tool

Here you find a program for a simple key data analysis. Certainly it doesn’t result a complete view, however, it results a quick summary about the state of your company.

Download Financing Tool (PDF in German)



Download Schedule of Swiss Innovation Prices (PDF in German)


Risk Management

Download "The 1x1 of the risk management (Practical Approach)" (PDF in German)





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Banking connections

Zuger Kantonalbank

Credit Suisse



The VCF AG – Venture Capital Finance – gets involved with Early Stage Financing of emerging enterprises in Switzerland and neighbouring regions.


KTI Start-up

Innovation promotion agency of the Federation



Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association



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